L’actualité des Réunionnais d’Australie (novembre 2013)

Publié le 6 novembre 2013

La 1ère newsletter (en anglais) de la Reunionese Association In Australia vient de paraître : « We jumped the sea ! ». We ? We are students, graduates, workers, residents or visitors who decided one day to discover Australia. We are from all walks of life, however we have one thing in common : our love for Reunion Island ! We have decided to promote the interests of the Reunionese community in Australia and strenghten the ties between Reunion Island and Australia

actualité des Réunionnais d’Australie

We are passionate about our island and we aim at raising awareness around its beauty and potential. We would like to strenghten our ties with wider community in Australia.

Reunion Island and Perth are 6,073km apart... We hope to bridge the gaps between these two places that have so much to share.

Reunion Island is too good to be kept as a secret so we want to tell Australia how blessed we are !

actualité des Réunionnais d’Australie

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actualité des Réunionnais d’Australie

Newsletter November Issue 1

We hope you will enjoy our first newsletter ! Share it with your friends and let us know if you have any stories to share. RAIA Inc has been progressing well in the last few months : we made a lot of contacts, arranged participations at great events but mainly we have arranged our own events !

Next RAIA event - “World Food Festival on Sunday 17 November 2013—11am– 7pm, on the grounds of Government House

Around 23 stalls from all around the world are going to be pre- sent at the World Food Festival. RAIA is also going to be pre- sent, there will be tons of Reun- ionese food available and a Maloya performance will be happening right in front of the Reunionese stall. Come down with your friends for an eventful and fun day !

RAIA’s Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting

As an incorporated association, RAIA is required to hold an AGM. During this meeting, the board of directors will be elected by RAIA members. Future projects will also be discussed in details. We invite everyone to attend our very first AGM meeting ! It is going to be held at the Alliance Francaise, 75 Broad- way in Nedlands on Thursday 17 November at 18:00. We’d love to have more help and welcome new members.

World Food Festival

As mentioned on the cover page, for the 2nd year, RAIA is going to participate to this amazing event. We had and amazing time last year and we are back for more ! Come and join us !

Fremantle Festival

Caramelles Dance Crew is going to be representing Reunion Island at the Fremantle Festival Parade on the 10th November 2013 during the day and at night will be performing at Kulcha !

Kenyan Fundraising and Breast Cancer Fundraising Night

Photos to come soon.

actualité des Réunionnais d’Australie
Animation avec le groupe de danseuses "Les Caramelles"

RAIA’s Past Events

“Reunion Night” in Collaboration with La Maison De France In February 2013,

RAIA had the amazing opportunity to organise a Reunionese night in partnership with La Maison de France. RAIA provided some hearty Reunionese meal, performed some traditional dances and also did a little quizz on Reunion to see who had the best knowledge about our beautiful culture. Lucky for them, we had installed a stall with information on Reunion was placed at the entrance so everyone could learn about our little island.

Perth Education City In March, 2013

RAIA participated at the International Student Festival held in North- bridge by Perth Education City. A lot of exciting things were going on at this event, such as performances, international food stalls, competitions to win amazing prizes. The purpose of our stall was obviously to educate people about Reunion. The table was full of Reunionese goodies, such as pure sugar cane rhum, vanilla beans, es- sence from different flowers that can be found all around Reunion. Next year make sure to visit us at this event !

Alliance Francaise Open Day

On the 13th April, 2013, RAIA was invited at the Alliance Francaise Open Day. The group Caramelles performed some traditional dances and a stall was also set up to for the visitors to learn about our beautiful little island.

Fete de la Musique with La Maison De France

On the 22nd of June 2103, being World Music Day, Caramelles (RAIA’s favourite dance group !) performed at the Alliance Francaise event in Subiaco, a lot of people turned up to either enjoy the good tunes or dances on such a warm and beautiful day. Everybody enjoyed seeing traditional dances from Reunion and even asked for more at the end of it ! We can definitely say it was a success !

Sega/Maloya workshop in Perth by Muriel Canon

Dancer, Muriel Canon, has shared the joy and techniques of sega and maloya for a Multicultural Day held at St Brigitte School on the 24th Octo- ber 2013. The next workshop will be French Day held at Saint Stephen School on 11th November 2013. If you would also like a sega/maloya workshop taught by this amazing dancer for one of your event, don’t hesitate to contact us ! What a great way to represent Reunion Island !

Wanting to network ?

Joining RAIA is easy and FREE ! Just send us an email and we will be in touch. [email protected]